Camp Is Still Camp

With 2021 summer on the horizon, more families are asking us what this summer will be like. One of the most common questions our campers are asking is, “Will camp still be the same? Will it still be fun?” We bet camp will be the highlight of your year! Why do we think that? Because CAMP IS STILL CAMP!

Hear from our counselors about Camp in 2021:

1. You Can Still Play Canoe Fill-Ups

The Lake, one of our most popular spots at camp, will be open! You will have the opportunity to go paddle boarding, play canoe fill-ups, jump off the Iceberg – our big camp inflatable – and so much more. You will still use a buddy board to check in at swim time!

2. You Will Still Get to Eat Fried Chicken Sandwiches

In 2021, expect expanded dining locations (indoors and outdoors). You will still be served delicious, tasty meals. We know fried chicken sandwiches (similar to Chick-fil-A) are a highlight. We will still serve them!  And don’t worry, there will still be dessert every night.

3. You Can Still Try New Activities

Ready to give horseback riding or mountain biking a try? You can do that this year! Did you know shooting sports (archery and riflery) are two of our most popular activities along with rock climbing? See our activity list here.

4. You Can Still Count This as a Camp Year

You read that right. Camp is happening this summer and it counts for your year totals! We will continue the tradition of our 5th year campers receiving hiking backpacks and 10 year campers receiving handcrafted wooden canoe paddles. There will still be Sunday evening campfires in smaller groups.

5. You Can Still Hangout With Your Favorite Counselors

Our 2021 staff is going to be INCREDIBLE! With amazing returning staff and new counselors who are top of the line, your cabin and activity counselors will be one of the best staff crews we have ever had. Counselors will still be teaching their own activities, you will get to see many of them over a camp day!

6. The Zipline is OPEN!

Many of the extra programs you get to do will still be happening with fun twists and new additions! The gaga pit which is a camper favorite will happen all summer long – in smaller groups.This summer will give us a chance to try new programs that only work in small groups – so get ready for the unexpected!

7. You Can Still Slide

The mudpit, slip-n-slide, and waterslide will be out in full force this summer. While normally just our August Two Week Campers enjoy the slip-n-slide, we might just pull it out for every session!

8. You Can Still Go on Trips

Camp’s thousand acres allows for trips right out of your cabin door. We will still take trips off-camp too, with the advantage of knowing out-of-the-way places to climb, bike, hike, and boat.

While camp might look different in some ways this summer, there is still so much that you can do! We know Camp in 2021 is STILL CAMP! It is our goal to make camp feel the same. You will still make friends, jump in the lake, pet camp dogs, and eat delicious food all with the best counselors by your side. See you this summer!

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