Will Miss Him

It sure has been nice to see little light at the end of the tunnel as 2021 moves forward to a little more normalcy every week. We are most excited about having everyone back at camp this summer.  As we move into another season and look forward to an exciting 2021, we are sad to say goodbye to Will Johnson as he moves on to new opportunities.

Will first came to High Rocks as a two-week camper in 2001.  He attended as a camper for another four years. He then served over 12 years on staff, with most of that in his full-time role as program director.

Will as a CT his first year on staff

Will first served on the paddling staff where he became a strong trip leader. He was then groomed to help us out as our program director.   While he was mostly keeping a close eye on the program, staffing, time-off, vehicles, and tripping, he continued to stay up on his paddling skills and became proficient in many of our activities here at camp.  This allowed him to mentor closely with many of our staff and campers.  My favorite place was to see Will was in front of a group leading songs for assembly or campfire. You could tell that High Rocks just felt at home when he was playing the mandolin and getting the boys to sing along.

Will’s strong attention to detail and the ability to lead almost all our activities set us up for a wonderful experience here as he led us through the trenches over the last 12 years.  We wish him all the best. He will truly be missed.   

As l like to say to most everyone that leaves Camp High Rocks for a bit, “Nobody really leaves High Rocks.”  So, I will just say “We look forward to seeing you soon, Will.”

All the best,

Don Gentle


  1. Willy J! You left behind a wonderful legacy that will forever be remembered at camp! High Rocks is a better place because of you!!!

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