Chill Night is Back

With some record breaking temps all around our area, camp greeted a surprise storm with welcome arms to start the day. The dawn was cloudy with a fresh breeze which paired nicely with a loud-n-proud ringing of the bell to officially begin the morning.

For some, the morning had begun even before the 7:45 bell. Our paddler contingent heading to the Tuckaseegee reported to breakfast at a bleary-eyed 7:30 and were out the door before most campers were out of their cabins. They enjoyed a full day out on some fun and pushy whitewater before returning to camp just in time to change for dinner. Not a shabby day!

Our climbing trip was not far behind in getting breakfast and getting on their way to Pilot Rock. Some fun in low Pisgah let the cooling storm pass over and then it was on to the business end of the day and some big views from the top of the pitch.

Mountain bikers also took out of camp for a morning Dupont trip to enjoy the cool weather and a group of hikers did an afternoon mission along camp trails and up to the top of Rich Mountain for some big views, no vehicular assistance needed!

In camp the energy was steady and enthusiastic. Pottery classes were working on various dish projects with plates and bowls featuring prominently. Rockets were on full display in Crafts with campers carefully spray painting their craft in preparation to both look good and take the next step towards launch day. Mountain bikers were cruising throughout the camp trails in addition to their trip off-property. The guys have become quite familiar with some of the trails and are hungry to tackle the next level of challenge available, delineated on a big map with a color-coded system much like a ski hill.

Our horseback riders were also doing good work and already guys are getting chances to get out of the ring and hit the trails. Anytime riding horses is both fun and challenging in a ring with a secure limit to how far a rider/horse combo can go. Once you leave that physical security and ride into the woods with all of camp around you, the focus intensifies as riders experience a freedom and responsibility hard to recreate in the ring. Trail rides are always an adventure!

Shooting sports continues to have campers honing their control and advancing in ranks. Archers are shooting at up to forty yards from their target and I have been shown riflery scores in the 40’s (out of 50) with no small amount of pride.

Clearly all of this action needs to be fueled with serious, and seriously delicious, food. Camp broke its fast this morning with scrambled eggs, french toast sticks, a hearty hashbrown casserole, all kinds of fresh fruit, and more. Lunch was meatball subs, chips, and a variety of salad options. Dinner was a tasty affair with rice, chicken stir-fry, eggrolls, broccoli, salads, and fortune cookies.

One of the last events of the day was a first for us in the past three years. Chill Night is back!! Our Upper Seniors came for an early dinner before piling into vans and heading directly to Sliding Rock in Pisgah. A natural waterslide with exceptionally cold water is the event. A frequent goal is to see how many times campers can slide in their allotted time span, resulting in near and happy hypothermic conditions. Immediately afterwards, the crew heads to Dolly’s Ice Cream Bar to complete the freeze internally. Back they come to camp feeling pretty cool.

Please enjoy the day’s pictures in the link below. Also, check out the Week 1 highlights video for a glimpse of some of the action over last week.

Have a good evening,

Woody Noland

Today’s Pictures

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