Tie-Dye Tuesday

It sure was fun to see everyone in the Tie-Dye shirts today. The sun certainly helped bring out the color. We had a nice cool breeze for sailing all day long. The entire day was amazing! My favorite part of today was at hiking. They work on all sorts of skills and fun over at… Continue reading Tie-Dye Tuesday

We Love Mondays

I feel like we are finally hitting our stride. While the feel of High Rocks is the same, there are all sorts of nuances that we had to come up with to have an extraordinary summer camp experience given our current situation.  It’s nice to see the boys figuring out all the dining hall details… Continue reading We Love Mondays

Sleep-In Sunday

I love Sunday mornings at High Rocks! This morning was a particularly wonderful morning. A cool breeze, sun, and I get to sleep in a little bit later than 6:30 am.  Although, I still woke up early, it felt a little more restful since I did not have to rush off to my morning meeting… Continue reading Sleep-In Sunday

Pancake Saturday!

Today’s Pictures  The morning started out delightfully with hundreds of scratch-made pancakes with compliments of bacon, fresh-cut fruit and berries, hash browns off the griddle (just like Waffle House), yogurt, assorted cereals, and of course syrup and honey!  You can’t beat that to start your day.  I stuck with a big bowl of berries topped… Continue reading Pancake Saturday!

Here Comes The Weekend!

Today’s Pictures  I really do enjoy the quiet of the morning here at High Rocks. You see a few staff up early or exercise but for the most part, it is still.   I like to take a few minutes on the porch to view the lake and appreciate the moment. The Pheobe bird was screaming,… Continue reading Here Comes The Weekend!

Summer in The Mountains

Today’s Pictures It was a perfect summer day in the mountains.  You might even say it was a typical day in the mountains.  We had a cool morning that moved into a sunny day, followed by a short afternoon shower, and then the sun came right back out for a beautiful late afternoon and evening.… Continue reading Summer in The Mountains

Exactly What We Need

Today’s Pictures  Today was another themed shirt day. I am sure you will appreciate our Hawaiian themed shirt day known as Waikiki Wednesday. These two rocked the themed even as they were heading out on their overnights tonight. This morning I enjoyed watching the guys roll in from the woods after their overnights.  The stories… Continue reading Exactly What We Need

Living The Camp Life

Today’s Pictures It’s almost not fair to others how much fun we are having.  Life at camp feels like home. I have enjoyed watching the boys finding their way, having fun, and mostly enjoying being around each other. While it is not “life after COViD” quite yet, we are certainly doing our best and that… Continue reading Living The Camp Life

Good Morning High Rocks

I love the excitement of the first morning of camp. That first wake-up bell of the season is always a wonderful sound.  We typically add a little flair in the morning after the bell rings.  Sometimes we play a little revelry, but mostly it is an exuberant yell from the diaphragm that excites the boys… Continue reading Good Morning High Rocks

It’s About Time!

Will Miss Him

It sure has been nice to see little light at the end of the tunnel as 2021 moves forward to a little more normalcy every week. We are most excited about having everyone back at camp this summer.  As we move into another season and look forward to an exciting 2021, we are sad to… Continue reading Will Miss Him